Review: The Plucker, by Brom


The Plucker, by Brom

Genres: Graphic Novels, Horror, Fantasy

Rating: ✮✮✮

“Remember what that evil spirit done to you. What it done to your friends, what it’s doing to Thomas. Feel your vengeance. Feed on your vengeance. Become vengeance.”

If I were to venture inside the mind of Gerald Brom, I’m not sure if it would be a wonderful or terrifying place. Probably both.

His stories fascinate me. He writes about concepts that are so clever and twisted that I can’t help but be intrigued. When I read The Child Thief last year, he completely blew my mind with a dark, dangerous retelling of Peter Pan. In The Plucker, he writes about a little boy’s toys that are actually alive, a jester who comes back to life as a vicious, bloodthirsty assassin, and a malevolent spirit who comes out of a doll, creeps out at night and slowly sucks away the boy’s soul.

See, this is why I’m afraid of dolls. And animatronics, at that.

I do think that it needed something. In comparison to The Child Thief, it’s much thinner and so the story is not as fulfilling. Plus, as The Child Thief was written later, it’s safe to assume that Brom grew as a writer and his skills had improved by the time he started writing it.

His art, however, is fantastic as always.



Brom is one of my favorite artists because he is so good at doing both the sinister and the beautiful. I loved Jack’s design, the Plucker was absolutely disgusting, and those creatures he created were creepy as hell. I loved it.

I liked it overall. I still recommend The Child Thief, but I enjoyed The Plucker as well.

And dolls are terrifying. I’m just saying.


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