If I’m being perfectly honest….

I need to vent about something quickly. Don’t worry, it won’t be full of anguish, but it’s something that’s been spinning around in my head all summer.

I’m debating whether I should stop posting reviews on Goodreads, and just post them exclusively here.

I love Goodreads – I was addicted to it for quite some time – but creating distance from it, as I’ve been doing, has lead me to feel detached from it completely. I have plenty of friends that I love to interact with, and I’m sure many of you know how fun Goodreads can be…but lately, the only reason I’ve been coming around is to keep track of the books I’ve been reading. Nothing else.

A lot of users have stopped posting reviews because of Goodreads’s censorship and because they fail to meet the needs of their community. I kept going at it because it was the only place I could express how I feel about the books I read – but now I have this blog, and even though it’s only been a couple of months, I really enjoy working on it. Having a Goodreads account feels almost…unnecessary.

I’ll think this over for a while longer, but the point is, I probably won’t be as active on Goodreads as I have been, and not just for the summer. Sorry.


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