Dan and Phil Book Tag! (Original)

Guys. Guys, I’ve done it. I’ve created a tag.

*Cries silently.*

I meant to do this a year ago, actually. (It must’ve been a year because it was around the time TABINOF came out.) But I guess I forgot about it until now.

For those of you who don’t know, Dan and Phil are two YouTubers who go by the usernames Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil, respectively. Their partnership has exploded into an online internet cult that will suck you up like a tornado. Once you get into the Phandom, it is impossible to get out.


These questions are inspired by them! Let’s get started.

(By the way, red is for Dan, blue is for Phil, and green is for the both of them!)

Reason’s Why Dan’s a Fail: a book everyone loved but you.


*crawls into corner*

I wanted to like this book so badly. Everything about it drew me in. But in the end, I couldn’t get past the clipped sentences and the distant narrator, which made this book really bland. There’s supposed to be a sequel coming out, and I’m going to give that a shot because I still believe somewhere along the line I made a mistake.




Things Phil Thought Were True, But Are Not True: a book with a twist you did not see coming.


The Archived surprised me on all levels, but especially in one area concerning one certain character. Let’s just say, without spoiling anything: what I thought was going to be a love triangle ended up…not being a love triangle. At all.






Dil Howlter: a favorite series you’ll never get tired of.

My instincts tell me to put the Ranger’s Apprentice series up here, but heaven knows I’ve done that too many times already, so in order to keep things fresh, I’m going to put up something a little different. Death Note is my favorite manga, and even after all of these years, I never get tired of jumping back into the fandom for a moment just to reminisce.

Procrasination: a book you’ve been putting off reading.

So, I don’t like dystopian. At all. But you know what, the Hunger Games was actually pretty good, and it’s the one dystopian that I can actually picture myself getting into. However, I keep putting off finishing it due to my general dislike of the genre, so I have no idea when I’ll ever read the last two books.

Cheese: a book that gave you a bad taste in your mouth.


I didn’t finish this book. I couldn’t even reach 100 pages, it was so bad. First of all, I don’t like Alice in Wonderland, so I have no idea why I would think a retelling would be any different – zombies, maybe? Second of all, the writing is terrible. Alice’s narrative is so forced and awkward. Third of all (is that a thing?), there was too much concerning teenage drama and love triangles. It was all just so…blech.




The Game: your favorite bookish inside joke.


Way to go, Alicia, you used Ranger’s Apprentice again.

Okay. So, Draco Malfoy is my favorite HP character. I love how much he evolves, especially in the sixth book, when we get to see more of him than just a bully. It proves that even though he’s a total asshole, he’s not a villain. He’s just a brat.

And whenever someone says, “My father will hear about this,” I crack up.

In the Ranger’s Apprentice series, there are quite a few inside jokes, but the one that’s the most popular is probably “It’s a mandola.” You would have to have read it to understand.

I think I need to stop laughing now.

Existential Crisis: a book that crippled you emotionally.


The end of this series made me cry. It was so unexpected, so devastating, that after I finished it I stared into space and couldn’t stop. I couldn’t move. I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll say it again: Gina Damico knows how to bring shit down.





Why Phil Was a Weird Kid: a book that you found really strange.


This is a very, very wacky Wizard of Oz retelling – to the point that it gets a little out of control. It’s also extremely corny, but I think that was a part of its charm. Overall, I liked it, though when I finished I wasn’t sure what exactly I had just read.





Phil Is Not On Fire: a book or series you always turn to for comfort.

398218Again, I could say the Ranger’s Apprentice, but I think I’ll go with J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. I’ve read it at least seven times. There’s something about this story that makes me feel very nostalgic and at ease, and it’s one of my favorite stories of all time.







There you have it!

Anyone is free to do this tag if you want, but if you do, I’d like you to tell me so I can read/watch your response! I’d probably follow you, too. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Dan and Phil Book Tag! (Original)”

  1. Finally another person who felt the same way as I do with Aristotle and Dante. I use to feel like the only person who gave it less than a 5 star lol.
    Also!!! The Archived definitely was a pleasant surprise. I almost DNFed that book and am happy I did not.
    I couldn’t get into Alice in Zomibeland at all!! Can’t stand that book.

    Liked by 1 person

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