(Yet another) Get To Know Me Tag!

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful break. Mine was uneventful, but I got to read a lot, and that’s all that matters.

To welcome you all back, I’ll post another Get To Know Me Tag that no one is interested in, nor was it ever asked for. (Insert quote about humanity’s narcissm here.)

I stole it from Lost In A Good Book!ย Please check out her blog. It’s amazing. ๐Ÿ˜€

Vital Stats:

Name: Alicia.

Nicknames: Doony, England (as in Hetalia), Bambi, and Sunshine.

Birthday: February 16th.

Star Sign: Aquarius.

Occupation: Student, but I plan on becoming either an author or a translator. (Maybe both!)


Hair Colour: Reddish-brown. A bit more red than brown, though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hair Length: Medium-long, I think. It’s a little ways past my shoulders. I like it when it’s short, but I think that it looks better when I grow it out. Sigh.

Eye Colour: Green!

Best Feature: Definitely my eyes.

Braces: I probably should’ve gotten them, since my teeth are slightly crooked, but it’s too late for them now.

Piercings: I have the general pierced ears. I’d like to get a cartilage piercing or something, but for now, it’s just the two.

Tattoos: None, but I want some!

Right or Left: Right.


Real Holiday: Apparently I was in Chicago when I was really little, but I don’t remember it, so I’d have to say when my family went on a trip to Sandusky, Ohio. (Yes, I went to Cedar Point.)

Best Friend: Myka! She’s the John to my Sherlock, and likewise.

Award: I used to bowl on a league, and my team won first place! We won many times, actually.

Sport: Bowling. It was a family thing, so that’s how I got into it.

Concert: I’ve never been to a concert. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’ve always wanted to, though.


TV Show(s): Sherlock.

Colour: Black/teal/pastel pink.

Song: It’s always changing, but now I would have to say Namae Wo Yobu Yo (“I’ll Call Out Your Name”, though it translates literally to “Call Out The Name”), by Luck Life. It’s the ending theme to Bungou Stray Dogs.

Restaurant: Eh, I don’t know. Tim Hortons, maybe?

Shop: Barnes & Noble and FYI.

Shoes: Boots. BOOTS.


Feeling: A little sleepy, like I need coffee.

Single or Taken: Single. Currently fishing.

Eating: Nothing, but now I really want some coffee.

Thinking About: The piano, and I’m running through vocabulary in my head for my Japanese class.

Watching: This!

Wearing: Black leggings, boots, and my favorite navy hoodie that keeps me warm, since I have a body temperature of -30 degrees.


Want Children: Maybe. I’ve thought about adopting, but I don’t like the idea of becoming pregnant.

Want to be Married: Yes. To the right girl, of course.

Careers in Mind: I’d like to either write for a living or translate books from/into Japanese.

Where You Want to Live: KYOTO.

Do You Believe in:

God: Nope.

Miracles: Yes, I think so.

Love at First Sight: No, no, and no.

Ghosts: YES.

Aliens: A little, but that’s a scary thought.

Soul Mates: I think I do. I’m very romantic, so I like the idea of finding that one person who makes you feel complete. I believe in fate, anyway.

Heaven: Since I don’t believe in God, no.

Hell: No.

Kissing on the First Date: I think that would be rushing things, but it depends on the circumstances/how well they know each other.

Yourself: I am trying really hard not to pity myself and to not dwell on things that I can’t change. So to that, I would say yes.

That’s all! And because I don’t like to tag people, I’m not going to. ๐Ÿ˜›

For those of you that are interested!


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