Announcing Project Bungou Stray Dogs!

Project BSD

All right, guys. Here is where I announce a new project that I’m starting that is both for the public and for myself. Will it benefit anybody? I have absolutely no idea, but I feel a sense of duty.

First and foremost: have any of you ever heard of Bungou Stray Dogs?

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It’s an anime/manga by Kafka Asagiri and Sango Harukawa. The characters have supernatural powers and are named after famous literary figures in Japan (Bungō, or 文豪, means “Literary writer” or “Literary master”), and their “gifts”, as they call them, are based on their most famous work. They even bring in famous American authors as well, including F. Scott Fitzgerald, Louisa May Alcott, and Edgar Allan Poe.

Basically, it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Naturally I’ve heard of the American authors, but my curiosity was piqued about the ones from Japan. I started researching them, and I realized, with harsh clarity, that Japanese literature in English-speaking countries is practically scarce. Despite the fact that these authors are so acknowledged in Japan, elsewhere, they are virtually unknown.

I love Japan, but I have to admit that my list of known Japanese authors is about the length of a post-it note. I felt a little…ashamed.

I’ve decided to use Bungou Stray Dogs as a guide. I want to read these works not only for myself, but to bring Japanese literature closer to other people. Many of these stories, books, and poems have been translated into English, so it’s not like it’s due to a lack of availability. It’s simply that Japanese literature is isolated, and I want it to spread out.

These posts will be a lot like reviews, but I want to focus more on the book and less on opinion. Whether or not I like it is inconsequential; it’s not about me. I’ll keep a documented list of the work that I’ve read, and hopefully this will bring it into another reader’s hands.

*phew.* That was a mouthful.

I hope you’ll enjoy them in the future! I’m excited to get started.


4 thoughts on “Announcing Project Bungou Stray Dogs!”

  1. This show inspired me to read more Japanese literature 🙂 So far I’ve read some of Akutagawa’s short stories and No Longer Human. (translated) Since I’m working on improving my Japanese reading skills, I also bought some of Natsuke Soseki’s works (his presence is only briefly shown in BSD 2nd season, the first few episodes but he was an important figure in Japanese literature so I figured I’d read some of his stuff too) and a collection of Edogawa Ranpo’s short stories.

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    1. I’m so happy that BSD inspired someone the same way that it inspired me! 😀 Akutagawa and Edogawa Ranpo are my favorites so far. I’ve been meaning to read some of Natsuke Soseki’s works, not just for this project (because he does make an appearance, as you mentioned, but it is very brief), but also out of curiosity. I remember reading that Akutagawa revered him highly, and in his non-fictional work he referred to him as “the Master”. I think it was in “The Life of a Stupid Man”, though I can’t be sure.


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