Top-Ten Favorite Animes!

Happy Friday!

The last trimester of my senior year started this week. My workload for this one is hopefully going to be considerably lighter, which means more time for reading and, thus, more reviews to be posted. I had a nice time away, though it was longer than I expected, but I want to keep active in any way I possibly can, even if it’s just random tags or lists. I mean, this is my blog. I don’t have to take it seriously. I can write about whatever I want.

At the moment, “whatever I want” is basically anime, though I’m trying to keep the active volcano that is my fangirl-ism under lock, since this is supposed to be a book blog. However, I know that a lot of readers are also into anime/manga, so a little splurging every now and then couldn’t hurt. (Right?)

Thus, my top-ten list of favorite animes!

This list is not definite. I change favorites like shoes. The fact that a few of them have stayed on here so long is incredible. As of today, though, these are my favorites.

Note: The top four all have one thing in common. Try to guess what it is. Ha. Ha.

10. Noragami (“Stray God”)

This anime is ridiculously popular, and it’s fantastic. Based around the Shinto religion, Yato is a lesser-known god that takes on odd jobs for 5 yen (roughly 5 cents), dreaming of building himself his own shrine and becoming one of the most worshiped gods in Japan. A chance encounter with Hiyori Iki, a 3rd-year middle-school student and heroine of the story, intertwines their paths, and along with Yukine, his Divine Instrument, they face off against ayakashi, spirits from the “Far Shore” who cause grief and destruction to humans around them.

9. No. 6

This is a new one for me, but I love it. It’s based around the utopian city of No. 6, where Shion lives a privileged life until Nezumi (“Rat”) comes staggering into his window at night, a fugitive on the run from the police. Shion patches his wounds and lets him stay the night, and as a result, he is stripped from his home and he and his mother are sent to live in the lower-class area of the city. Four years later, there’s an outbreak, and Shion is framed for murder and sentenced to death, only to be rescued by Nezumi. They flee outside of the wall to West Block, and though they are safe, they are not sound, as trouble is still brewing inside of No. 6.

8. Durarara!!

It’s really hard to explain what Durarara!! is about. There’s gangs everywhere, so in a way it’s a crime drama, but there are supernatural elements mixed in with it, such as a dullahan (a headless rider) and a sword that gains control over whoever it cuts. There’s no protagonist, though there are central characters such as Mikado Ryūgamine, Masaomi Kida, and Anri Sonohara. It’s a great mind-fuck to watch, because there are pieces that are kept from you, and the only person who really knows everything that is going on – Izaya Orihara, asshole of the year – is having too much fun to reveal anything.

7. One-Punch Man

(I’ll be posting a manga review for this one soon, but I’ll outline it here anyway.)

This is a superhero parody to the core. Heroes and villains are dropped into this story like loose change. Saitama, the title character, is strong enough to defeat enemies with a single punch, but in exchange for that power, he has lost not only his hair, but his ability to feel. As a result, he’s very, very bored. When Genos – a teenage cyborg – crosses paths with him, he ends up becoming his teacher and joining the Hero Association to gain more recognition, and his job as a hero truly begins.

6. Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End)

This is my most recent obsession. I have to remind myself persistently that it’s not at the top of the list. It reminds me a lot of Attack on Titan in the way it’s structured, though its subject matter is completely different. The story goes that in 2012, there was an apocalypse that eradicated 90% of the human race, overflowing the earth with demons and vampires. Yuu Hyakuya is recruited into the Moon Demon Company, a special section of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army that specializes in the eradication of vampires, in the pursuit of his own personal revenge for a trauma that occurred to him four years earlier.

God, I love this anime. I love it so much. It has vampires, and I still love it – and that’s saying a lot.

5. Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

Ah. Here it is. The anime that dragged pummeled brought me back into the fandom entirely, all because one day I was bored and decided to open up Crunchyroll. It’s a living hell to watch, but it’s so damn good. It’s structured around the idea that man-eating giants, called Titans, have cornered the human race into three circular walls. With humanity on the brink of extinction, the military makes it its mission to find ways to fight and defeat the Titans in hopes of expanding their territory outside of the walls, but for over a hundred years, this has failed. Many are content with living inside of the walls, but others – such as Eren Jaeger (Yeager in the manga) – feel like cattle. Then, one day, the Colossus Titan appears, and that fragile peace is shattered.


4. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

I have watched this anime three times. It is also one of the only ones that has a dub that’s remotely decent. (I just can’t watch dubs anymore. I don’t know. They all seem so fake.) It sent me spiraling into sports anime hell on a fucking bottle rocket. It’s a simple story – three friends decide to create a swim club at their high school. There are competitions. Old friends appear, angst ensues – but it’s engrossing. Whether you watch it for the half-naked men, the countless ships, or if you actually like swimming, there’s something very invigorating about Free! It’s the kind of show that makes you gasp and squeal and cry a little. (Or a lot, in Rin’s case.) Overall, it generates a very positive, happy aura that makes you want to stay inside of it forever.

3. Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball)

I was apprehensive about watching this anime at first, because my heart was rather attached to #1 on this list, and I didn’t think I had any room left for this one to move into. It turns out, I have a lot. This follows the Seirin high school basketball team, with Tetsuya Kuroko as our title character and protagonist. There is a legend surrounding the story about Teiko, a middle school team, and the Generation of Miracles: five students with god-like abilities, together forming a team that crushed the competition in every tournament they entered. Kuroko is the phantom sixth man that aided them in their games, and with his new team, they strive to defeat every one of the Miracles and stand at the top.

2. Yuri!!! On Ice

You might have heard of this one. I’m not sure. It appeared autumn/winter of 2016 and completely blew up anime culture. It’s being praised not only for the homosexual relationship in a mainstream sports anime, but for its liberality in other areas as well, such as body image and cultural integration. Strangely, at first I wasn’t impressed by it. I remember watching the first episode and not finishing it, then was inspired to give it another try – and fell head over heels. Its main theme is to have confidence in yourself and your dreams, and though it may seem cliche, this anime really hammers it in and warms your heart. I love it so much.

1. Haikyuu!!

Here it is.

…I’m sorry, I’m actually crying a little bit. Jesus. Shit.

Haikyū literally means “volleyball” in Japanese, so it’s not that complicated. It is about a volleyball team that wants to go to Nationals and stand at the top of the country, just like every sports anime that has ever be invented. It’s just that there’s so much more involved in it, the characters especially. They’re all so unique and lovable that it’s easy to attach yourself to them. The volleyball aspect is actually really exciting, too. As someone that has never been interested in sports in their entire life, I can account that Haikyuu!! pressured me into wanting to join a volleyball team and start practicing my serves. I remember itching to hold a volleyball so badly that it hurt my soul. It’s that addicting.

Those are my favorites!

As I said, they’re subject to change, but have any of you seen them? Have any recommendations for me? 😉