Project Bungou Stray Dogs

Project BSD

Starting in April 2017, Project Bungou Stray Dogs was created in order to promote Japanese Literature in English-speaking countries all around the world. Its name is derived from the manga/anime of the same name. For more information, please see here.

Authors are indexed alphabetically by last name.*

Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

  • Kappa
  • Mandarins: Stories by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa
    • Mandarins
    • At the Seashore
    • An Evening Conversation
    • The Handkerchief
    • An Enlightened Husband
    • Autumn
    • Winter
    • Fortune
    • Kesa and Moritō
    • The Death of a Disciple
    • O’er a Withered Moor
    • The Garden
    • The Life of a Fool
    • The Villa of the Black Crane
    • Cogwheels
  • Rashōmon and Seventeen Other Stories
    • Rashōmon
    • In a Bamboo Grove
    • The Nose
    • Dragon: The Old Potter’s Tale
    • The Spider Thread
    • Hell Screen
    • Dr. Ogata Ryosai: Memorandum
    • O-Gin
    • Loyalty
    • The Story of a Head That Fell Off
    • Green Onions
    • Horse Legs
    • Daidōji Shinsuke: The Early Years
    • The Writer’s Craft
    • The Baby’s Sickness
    • Death Register
    • The Life of a Stupid Man
    • Spinning Gears

Osamu Dazai

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Ōgai Mori

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Chūya Nakahara

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Atsushi Nakajima

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  • The Moon Over The Mountain: Stories
    • The Moon Over the Mountain
    • The Master
    • The Bull Man
    • Forebodings
    • The Disciple
    • The Rebirth of Wujing
    • Waxing and Waning
    • Li Ling
    • On Admiration: Notes by the Monk Wujing

Sakunosuke Oda


  • Stories of Osaka Life
    • Hurray for Marriage, or Sweet Beans for Two!
    • Six White Venus
    • City of Trees
    • The State of the Times

Edogawa Ranpo**

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  • Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination
    • The Human Chair
    • The Psychological Test
    • The Caterpillar
    • The Cliff
    • The Hell of Mirrors
    • The Twins
    • The Red Chamber
    • Two Crippled Men
    • The Traveler With The Pasted Rag Picture

Akiko Yosano

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*Note: Names are written in the Western order to coincide how the authors are listed in English, and are referred to similarly.

**This name is kept in Japanese order, as it is more commonly known in English. It has been romanized as both Edogawa Ranpo and Edogawa Rampo.